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  MARIOLOGI KONSILI VATIKAN II: Mikrohistori Mariologi Pra-Konsili dan Magna ChartaMariologi Post-Konsili

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Dr. Gregorius Pasi, Lic.Th

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The teaching of the Second Vatican Council on Mary (the mother of Jesus) is
laid down in Chapter VIII of the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen
Gentium (LG). Lumen Gentium’s chapter VIII represents a 20th century
microhistory of mariology and a magna charta of post-conciliar mariology. The
purpose of this essay is exposing three matters. Firstly, showing evidence that
the elaboration of the marian texts of Vatican II is a reproduction of pre-conciliar
mariological struggles. Secondly, articulating the character of Vatican
II’s mariology as a fundament for post-conciliar mariology. Thirdly, pointing
at some matters somewhat neglected by Vatican II’s mariology and offering it
as “home work” for post-conciliar mariology. In this framework, this essay
will not analyze the content of Lumen Gentium’s mariology article by article,
but evaluate it comprehensively. May this essay provide a kind of orientation
to the reader in having an idea of post-conciliar mariology.