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And Now I See: A Theology of Transformation

All I know is I was blind, and now I see. These words from the Gospel of John―spoken by a man born blind after being healed by Jesus―guide this rich theological investigation from Bishop Robert Barron into the heart of all Christian experience: transformation. What does it mean to encounter the light of Christ? How does this light change our way of seeing? To answer these questions, And Now I See: A Theology of Transformation takes readers on an expedition into the riven self of humanity, the uncanny nature of God, and the healing power of Jesus. Bishop Barron shows that metanoia or conversion to God, revealed in Christ, is about transforming the mind and soul―from a mind of fear to a mind of trust, and from a pusilla anima (small soul) to a magna anima (great soul)―and that theology itself supports this transformation. But he also shows that this change conduces not just to a new way of believing or thinking but to a new way of being. Blending insights from the great minds of the theological tradition with the work of literary masters such as Dante, William Faulkner, and Flannery O’Connor, And Now I See is a unique and unforgettable portrait of what it means to open our eyes and see the light.


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