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Faith in God Through Jesus Christ: Foundational Theology II

Faith in God Through Jesus Christ, a critical theological study, examines the meaning and grounds for our Christian faith in God through Jesus Christ. It evaluates the Christian Churches' understanding of this faith and the ways in which they interpret its meaning, value, and foundations. It focuses primarily on Vatican II and the World Council of Churches' Faith and Order Commission's concurring statements. Volume II furthers Father Farrelly's earlier work, Belief in God in Our Time, yet also stands on its own. Faith in God Through Jesus Christ shows how the evangelists sought to be substantively faithful to the words and deeds of Jesus, and how they sought to present the Gospels so that their readers and hearers, even those of future generations, could experience God's proclamation of the Good News of salvation. The volume then examines what Jesus meant by the kingdom of God how the early Church with its experience of the resurrection of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit interpreted this apocalyptically, and how this relates to our needs today. He also investigates, through the response of faith and lack of faith that Jesus' message encountered, the nature of the revelation Jesus claimed to convey, and how, even with our post- modern, critical consciousness, we can, through the Spirit, honestly, fruitfully, and happily appropriate that message for ourselves. Faith in God Through Jesus Christ is directed to professors and their students at the college, graduate, and seminary level.


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